Wellshire Associate Membership 2018

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS:  Thank you for being an Associate Member at Wellshire Golf Club and maintaining your handicap (“GHIN”) with us in 2018.  If you choose to join the WMGC Tournament Players Club instead of the Associates Member, simply go to this hyperlink   and pay the Tournament Players fee. We offer competitive gross and handicapped flights for our tournaments suitable for all levels of golfers, 18 years and older.


All members registering, both Tournament Players Club and Associates,  will use a Guest Registration and require a Golf Genius login.  To create a Golf Genius (GG) login it will use your email as your ID and ask you to create a password.  You need this login for registration purposes only, nothing more.


To complete registration you will need;

  • a valid email address
  • credit card
  • GHIN number if you've had one in the last 2 seasons- or leave GHIN field blank if you do not have a number